What’s An Itch Scratch Cycle

While different people experience dry skin at different degree, one common symptom is that the skin often feels tight or stiff, with a burning, stinging or itching sensation which can appear to be rough or scaly.

When a person scratches the skin obsessively to relieve the itch, they can damage the skin layer which can cause inflammation. This can further lead to a sensation of itch, which leads to scratching, a condition known as the itch-scratch cycle.

How to Break the Itch-Scratch Cycle?

There are severe simple and effective ways to relieve or prevent itch as listed below:

  • Stay moisturized.
  • Apply itch-relieving cream or ointment
  • Use a non-scented moisturizing mild gentle soap.
  • Avoid using powders after bath as they can further irritate and dry the skin.
  • Prevent wearing rough surfaces clothes which induce friction and cause skin irritation

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